KGL Boer Goats
Presents our Senoir and Junior Bucks
Our Senior Buck:
CONI The F5 Tornado Maker ABGA I-10512397
Our Junior Buck:
CONI C1729 PaladinN

ABGA 10634910
Tornado came to us from Sue Fuller at Carleton Ranch in Liberty Hill, TX.  We want to thank Sue for the opportunity to own this wonderful buck.  Weighing approximately 300 lbs he has size and muscle along with a gentle attitude to go with a buck of his build.  His bloodlines combine Mojo Magic, CONI Raider, DSM Sinclair with in the first three generations! We can't wait to see what his kids look like each Spring.  We hope you can't wait either! Please check out our offspring page for updates.
Paladin came from Coni Ross at Coni Ross Ranch in Blanco, TX. I want to thank Coni for the opportunity to own this young buck. He has developed into a well balanced buck with good muscle and attitude. We are very pleased with his offspring that have been  produced so far! This Double bred Coni Warrior buck combines the Foundation lines of FSE, DSM and DOW tracing back to South African origins. This allows us to cross with not only strong Foundation lines but the newer Show lines to produce quality Boers. Hope you are excited as we are!